Care of Jewellery: Pearls

On 3rd May 2015 In jewellery cleaning, pearls

Maintaining the lustre and colour of your pearls.

Retaining the lustre and value of your pearl jewellery is not a difficult task. It’s simply a matter of knowing what and what not to do.

1. Pearls keep their original lustre better if given a soft wipe after wear. This is especially so in Summer as perspiration can affect them.

2. Because they can be scratched, it’s a good idea to protect them in a chamois bag or wrapped separately, so your other jewellery doesn’t harm them.

3. Some people find that their pearls change colour. Generally speaking this is because they have been worn when in the bath or working in the kitchen or laundry. Most cleaning agents contain bleach, so it’s not surprising that pearls can lose colour under these circumstances.

4. While pearls can be washed in a solution of mild soap and water, particular care has to be taken because of the silk thread. It really is best if pearls are cleaned professionally. Your Showcase jeweller can assist.

5. If you have a string of pearls it’s wise to often check if the string is loose or wearing thin. Large strands of expensive pearls should be knotted between each pearl. This ensures that they don’t all run loose if the silk strand breaks.

Re-stringing should be carried out yearly. Simply take them to your Showcase jeweller. He or she is a professional and can offer reliable, expert advice as well as skilled craftsmanship.