Ring Sizes

On 4th May 2015 In ring sizes, sizing

To ensure a comfortable and safe fit a ring must be the correct size for the wearer. This is achieved by using an established table of ring sizes from which the correct size is selected and then the ring is made or resized to that size.

Comparison Table of Ring Sizes: We use the British ring size standard, the others are included here for comparison and use by our international customers.

If the ring is for a gift then having the correct size will ensure that the surprise is a magical moment that will never be forgotten. And with a little planning, it can come off brilliantly.

Finding a person’s ring size without their knowing is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some solutions to getting the persons’ ring size while keeping your gift a surprise. Keep in mind that the ring size will vary for each finger.

Bring one of their rings into our store without arousing any suspicion. Offer to take their jewellery to be cleaned and when you bring it in we will measure it at the same time.
Make an impression of an existing ring which you know fits the desired finger. A bar of soap or a piece of clay can be used to take a reliable measurement.

Trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper.
Put one of their rings on your own finger. Push it down as far as it will go and then mark the spot with a pen. Then just show us the marking and we can measure it for you.

Email us and we will send out one of our ring size cards for you to try on when they are asleep. (only suggested for very heavy sleepers).